Friday, October 17, 2008

Sharing is Caring

steal this film ii is an insightful exploration into the war on peer-to-peer sharing. the film goes deeper that the status quo representation of "intellectual property piracy" debate into the heart of the real issue at hand: media owners discouraging & attempting to end the dissemination & production of new media & information.
steal this film ii is a million times more interesting & watchable than its predecessor. the film breaks down the history of copying & sharing from gutenberg's printing press, to the resistance of sheet music writers to the advent of recorded music, to the current beef over sharing mp3's & downloading movies.
in the end its all about creativity & our natural, human instinct to share with each other. this piece is only 45 minutes long so its not too time consuming especially considering how enlightening it is. open your mind & take the time to arm yourself in the war on do-it-yourself production & sharing...which i always think of as being synonymous with caring!)

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