Monday, November 3, 2008

since we last spoke

i've never really been sure if anyone has actually been reading the horus set blog, but i must admit i do feel like i've dropped the ball a lil recently on the not regularly updating it tip so here's what i've been up to............
i started working @ the chicago costume shop literally everyday [without taking breaks mind u] & as a result i started kicking it after work very frequently with my co-workers. i've spent too much money, drank waaay too much, stayed out waaaaay too late & still somehow made it to the shop the next day with minimal hangovers & attitude...even after getting robbed by some random bar skanks @ hogs & only excuse for being in a low class, trashy, white, chain-dive bar is that the cats i was with wanted to go & somehow the $2 pitchers from the 1st spot we went to made me more agreeable than usual. so if anyone's in chicago & interested in some sexy fuck costumes u should stop by the store all of our packaged costumes are 40% off!)

watch out for bar skanks!)

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