Thursday, October 2, 2008

1 of my favorite things

attack of the show on the unfortunately gen y named g4 network is the best talk/variety show on television! i've been watching it for years hoping that the chemistry between regular hosts olivia munn & kevin pereira to really gel & it definitely has....even the replacement hosts chris hardwick [of singled out & online nerdom fame] & allison haislip hold it down quite thoroughly.
admittedly atos is infinitely more interesting & entertaining than call for help which if i'm not mistaken used to air in the same time slot back before the network allegedly got hip & ditched the tech tv name in favor of something that has more 2k+ fanboy appeal.
it took a while for olivia to let her guard down, but now that she has damn near everyone on the show is equally comfortable being crazy as hell on national television...even the precosious & unreasonably sexy layla kayleigh appears to be more comfortable rolling with the live basic cable punches.
it would have been infinitely more interesting to see a co-ed, low budget [big on creativity], ubber current show like atos replace conan's late night show when he takes over the tonight show next year...instead of just handing it to some questionably popular, hacky, somewhere between has-been & never was "comedian" like jimmy fallon. but i digress because if there's one thing that television has taught me its that creativity is definitely not king & anything even remotely interesting is either never gonna make it to air or make it past the 2nd or 3rd season [see arrested development].
i just felt the need to gush about attack of the show because i've been watching it almost daily for the past month+...& also because the horus set blog seems to need a lil break from heavy topics. so if you get g4 give atos a chance. its on monday - friday @ 6p & the replay airs @ 12a [all times central]. & if u can't afford an arm & a leg each month for entertainment clips are also available on hulu & check it out when u can. atos is literally the only live daily show i even attempt to be interested in aside from democracy now which if you've ever talked to me or read this blog before is the only news source i trust & whole-heartedly endorse.

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