Sunday, October 12, 2008


i have to thank my brother drunken monkeee for introducing me to Muhsinah...this sista is the truth! while listening to her album Daybreak all i could think of was, "why can't i find someone to write to my songs in such a breathtakingly interesting way???"...after googling her to see what the deal was i realized that the most likely reason that all of Muhsinah's songs are so incredible & intricate is because she a quadruple threat: produce, singer, writer, & engineer.
of course this sent me through the roof because i absolutely love finding female producers that make creative music...or any music period, because for what its worth the mainstream media makes it appear that missy is the only producer that (thoroughly) reps for her gender.
i just wanted to show some love to an incredibly talented artist on g.p. so please support Muhsinah & other independent artists so that we can all eventually stop complaining about how terrible commercial music has become

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