Wednesday, October 15, 2008

growth & development

Kanye West - Love Lockdown from Chester Ebona on Vimeo.
now i'm definitely not the hippest cat & i'm not really upon what's happening in popular music nowadays, but this brother kanye west never disappoints when it comes to injecting creativity & innovation in his music & videos. i'm not even sure if he's still making his own music anymore, but even if he isn't you have to admit that the music he is using is always on the cusp of fact a few months ago i was thinking about starting a rumor that kanye wanted me to produce his next album because i was actually born & raised chicago & my sound is reminiscent of the kind of ultra groovy electronic music that his boys daft punk make, but i don't use samples so mr. west wouldn't have to spend half his recording budget on clearing them...nonetheless yesterday my friend rebecca put me up on this video from kanye which is one of his freshest & the entire package illustrates huge artistic growth.

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