Sunday, January 25, 2009

Transport von Colani

hopefully this is not your first exposure to the sumptuous & brilliant designs of Luigi Colani. his flamboyant biodynamic style is an extreme re-definition of form following function. it seems impossible to not fall in love with the voluptuous organic shapes that inhabit most of Colani's work. here i thought that it would be interesting to showcase some of Colani's vision for the future of mass transit. the designs scream elegance & efficiency by sampling the bodies shapes of some of earth slickest gotta love the dolphin, whale, & dragonfly inspired aircrafts!

just a little inspiration for those that are tired of the lip service about change for the future.

post script...
if you're interested in more of mr. eccentricity's work check both of the links in this post as they lead to different websites


Anonymous said...

More great Colani designs at:

Georg Hekt said...

Have you seen the movie 'Future By Design'? I think you might quite like it ;)
Here's the trailer: