Thursday, January 1, 2009

the NiN9

greetings from the jungle!

instead of feeding into the pre-2012 tensions that i'm sure many of us have somewhere in the back of our minds i've decided to take this opportunity to discuss the (i believe) serious possibility that peace will break out all over the world & what we thought of as utopia for so many generations will only be a shadow of the infinitely inclusive & delectable possibilities of our new reality.
it seems like earth is tired of us being so clueless. & those of us with even half an idea of where the keyhole is know that finding the key (shared prosperity) is inevitable. so with 3 years & 11+ months before the world as we know it changes i wholeheartedly encourage everyone to be the change you wish to see...& keep in mind that the world we know is terribly flawed & impossibly difficult for most of our brothers & sisters to deal with day to day.
hope, love, peace, & shared prosperity to us all in the new year whether its 5769, 4706, or 2009.

& on the post script tip i just wanted to say that i have been adding posts to the blog in december, but i just haven't finished editing them because of my new gig as a preschool teacher [which gobbles up an ungodly amount of my time for far less money than i deserve for being such a stupendous teacher...but i digress] & i will be posting them in the next few days. in order to avoid this problem in the future i'm also considering revamping the horus set & turning it into a video blog so that digging into the nuances of modern life becomes just a bit easier................peace in palesrael!

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