Sunday, March 29, 2009

So Much For Promises & Bailouts

well...i definitely failed on the updating the horus set blog more often. i suppose that i could say i was taking black history month off to reflect, but i've really just been busy teaching babies how to talk, count, recognize words + colors, walk on stairs, eat with utensis, & fight the system by sharing!)

everyone everywhere is still talking about the economy which has been a frequent subject of the the light & the dark blog here, but i was really impressed by Thomas Geoghegan's take on what's been going on for decades & ultimately culminated in the current catastrophe. below is the tuesday march 24th episode of democracy now which features an interview with Mr. Geoghegan about 16 minutes into the show.
feel free to skip ahead, but there's some really interesting news in the headlines (especially for those of you that eat red meat).
there's also a really insightful interview with Riki Ott, a community activist, marine toxicologist, former commercial salmon fisherma’am and author of two books on the Exxon Valdez oil spill. she helps shed light on the seldom discussed topic of how corporations got the same rights as individual people despite it being in complete contradiction to the bill of rights & u.s. constitution.
the Riki Ott interview starts about 40 minutes into the broadcast & is very deserving of your time.

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