Saturday, November 8, 2008

things blackdaylight likes

i like releasing new music as often as possible. so far this year i've dropped 4 solo projects the latest of which is called attack of the extravagant minimalist released on on friday november 7th as a post u.s. election gift to the world.
as an artist i feel obligated to share my talent with as many people as possible & also because its a great esteem booster to get messages from people all over the world about how much they enjoy indulging in the blackdaylight experience.
its also really cool to have strangers tell me that they like songs that lost their magic sparkle to me weeks after i made them [aka months or years before they're released].
but i don't want to be completely self indulgent. i'd like to take this opportunity to plug some of the new music that i've recently discovered & become infatuated with:
1st off let me point you to the lovely & talented Chelsea Wolfe & Sister Crayon. i've always been a huge fan of female singers & i've worked with more than my fair share of incredibly talented vocalists in the past but there's something about Chelsea's painfully honest & hauntingly beautiful voice that has quickly propelled her onto my collaboration wish list & into my top friends list on myspace [although i must admit it would probably be more of an honor if i was more popular myself, but i digress]. Sister Crayon has a similar vibe, but i love the rhythmic sensibilities & the trip hop flutters that run throughout the songs on her myspace page...which i listen to repeated online & on my mp3 player. i'm particularly fond of i'm still the same person & lavender liars by Sister C & i have literally listened to Miss Wolfe's Gold & the way we used to a half dozen times back to back catching flashback of hearing jeff buckley for the 1st time when i was 12 or 13...i sincerely hope that one or both of these sisters gives me the honor of writing to a blackdaylight song some day soon.Comfort Fit is a cat from germany that i stumbled across on lastfm that has been rocking my musical world very thoroughly for the past few weeks with an abstract hip hop sound that's reminiscent of my former audio hero prefuse 73, but with an infinitely more accessible & groovy sound.keeping it electronic & instrumental hip hop based but moving across europe to the u.k. there's another cat i found on lastfm while listening to music that allegedly sounds like mine, his name is Lukid & his sound is tight. its a lil denser & more meandering & esoteric than Comfort Fit but still more than appropriately fresh.of course the other i still bump Muhsinah's Daybreak & Lokua's Trails nonstop in the young mp3 player, but i just wanted to shine a lil light on some newer finds that i haven't already gushed about being unbelievably dope if you're in need something new or to quote Homer Simpson just "something much more else" to listen to in the closing days of 2008 be sure to click the links & explore the sonic gems that i'm trying to hip the world to.......

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