Tuesday, September 9, 2008

a place to laugh @ hipsters

i started noticing people dressed like hobos that live behind an american apparel store a few years ago when i started playing live gigs with the moment sound crew. initially i just thought fans of our style[s] of electronic music were eccentric & had their own unique style of dress. as the months flew by & we continued to spend more & more time in wicker park (aka mecca for chicago hipsters) i quickly became aware that it was a takeover not a makeover. i love our random fans, but not so much for the hipsters in general. i just happened to stumble upon www.diehipster.com...not quite as funny as the stuff white people like blog, but nonetheless an appropriately inappropriate blog for those of us that dress funny because we can't afford new gear & are just a lil tired of self important, post yuppies that "just wanna be different" by dressing like every other trend-chaser with a man-purse or lamé leggings.

some of the entries are truly hilarious. u can really feel the contempt for hipsters.

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blackdaylight said...

i was just wondering what's worse?
those lame fubu football jerseys from the late 90's
everyone & their mama rockin' a techno colored shemagh/smagh [u may have heard me call it "my terror rag" in jest but i really do support the 2nd intifada]
high top fades with asymmetrical parts
tight pants & shirts on men + loose hoboesque tops & super high waisted pants on women
homogeneous new wave & new jack swing music from the 1980's
homogeneous 'rap' & punk rock music from the beginning of the 21st century

how did we grow up with wu-tang & end up with lil wayne???