Wednesday, September 3, 2008

[not so] current tv

the funny thing about & current tv is that most of the things that they deem hipster worthy have already been circulating on the web for days or featured on g4's attack of the show before they magically appear anywhere on current's multimedia stroke-fest.
current is always on in my house because even a sexual intellectual such as myself eventually tires of pbs &
democracy now. what really kills me about current is how despite tremendous word of mouth popularity growth over the past 3 years, somehow the network has managed to have less content. the mini documentaries that they not so cleverly refer to as pods used to be really innovative & almost unbelievably diverse, but have sadly morphed into oddly homogeneous not-so-thinly-veiled ads for all types of hipster friendly bullshit. current has matured into a slightly more erudite E! channel embellished with a healthy dose of mtv style repetition.
the good folks @ current always encourage feedback yet only seem to air sugary, praise heavy love notes from the peanut gallery. the handful of times that i have offered my critiques of various programming issues i get very standard boilerplate responses that are always sure to gloss over my deepest & most obvious concerns for something that i used to be so unbelievably excited about 3 years ago.

perhaps i'm naive, but it really used to seem like current was down to fight the good fight for multimedia savvy web 2.0 fiends.

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