Wednesday, June 20, 2012

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i jumped on the tumblr bandwagon a while back because their android app used to let me upload music from my phone to the web, but now i'm into it for all of the music, art, sexy naked ladies, science, cooking & revolution updates i get on my dashboard. check out the line on tumblr

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

"Intuitively, I find black beautiful, mysterious, elegant, and radiant."

several years ago a friend of mine [Miss Jessica Vaughn] had a showing of some of her black on black on black pieces & these reminded me of how dope they were...they also reminded me of how toxic & dirty everything seems to be in spite of the hipster concept of "greening everything" is now mainstream.

enjoy the pics & link to Lauren Fensterstock's website...the title of this post is a quote from Fensterstock describing her installation that features the black garden in the photos

Monday, December 19, 2011

INSPIRATION: George Wright Destroys The System

George Edward Wright

is a living legend. you always hear stories about black panthers & other militant social organizers from the 1960's & 70's all being either dead, in jail, or [unfortunately] tenured university professors sculpting the minds of young neo liberals to believe that pacifism & working within the system are the only effective methods to change it, but this brother from another mother has been on the run for over four decades & in september 2011 he finally got a tiny taste of that unbelievably over used & under experienced word/concept......freedom!

after 41 years, multiple militant actions, after serving over 7 & a half years in prison, self emancipating a.k.a. escaping from prison in new jersey, commandeering a.k.a. hijacking a plane from detroit to boston to refuel for the new intended destination of algeria a.k.a. political asylum. George Edward Wright a.k.a. José Luís Jorge dos Santos was finally granted citizenship & immunity from the government of Portugal. without critical analysis of Wright's situation its easy to think he got away with something, but the bittersweet truth is that the past 41 years of his life were probably full of paranoia & turmoil. the truly gangster thing he did was maintain his personal liberty & even more impressive is how he refused to allow the system to control his destiny @ all the kids say, "He did it REAL BIG!"

real talk: mr. george wright is an international super thug/gangster [meant in the wonderfully powerful & free dirty corporate c.e.o. or politician its alright because its all white sort of way]. there's no surprise that no one has ever heard any of the stories about him or his incredible exploits. there is waaaaaay too much inspiration to be gleaned from wright's story that would surely motivate wayward #occupy protesters to actually do something instead of loitering to make symbolic gestures...of course there have been instances where instead of taking police sponsored beatings, or pepper spray to the face while getting arrested like a lil crying bitch for loitering in public places, organizers have actually helped people get back into or skirt eviction from their foreclosed homes.

for more information on Geroge Wright here's a good starting point on wikipedia which interestingly lists this disambiguation as fugative instead of militant freedom fighter, or political exile

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


the list of singers i adore is surprisingly minimal. unbelievably, over the weekend i stumbled upon my newest love...the amazingly talented Miss Nikko Gray. she has the type of voice & vibe that other vocalists employing swagger coaches can't even imagine reproducing.
she has the rapturous presence you feel in gina rene's voice with the sassy soulfulness esthero always brings.
simply put: nikko is a bad motherfucker.
she is truly blessed on the joss stone/christina aguilera level + she likes working it out on unconventional electronic hip hop/neo-soul instrumentals = blackdaylight is in love! please do not take my word & have a listen to Nikko Gray's extraordinarily dope music
Miss Gray liking music so similar to mine is enough to re-inspire me to self actualizing all of that potential that i'm supposed to have!

perhaps i could charm my way into doing a song with her one day...finger's crossed!

dig this:

Sunday, January 30, 2011

The BEST Pan-African Historian EVER! John Henrik Clarke - A Great and Might Walk

a million times more interesting than listening to my man noam chomsky, twice as soulful as howard zinn documentaries...i present to you one of my all time favorites via our new overlords @ google video Mr. John Henrik Clarke setting the records straight on world history once & for all

...because as we all know there is no such thing as black history (unless you're referring to the black out on the true role of non europeans in history books the world over)because all of our histories are & have always been interconnected.

its time to arm ourselves with accurate information in order to fight back effectively...globally such a thing will make street protests in portugal, italy, greece, spain, tunsia, egypt, yemen, etc. into an international & intergenerational revolt against the current status quo that has trapped us all.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

REAL TALK: Belafonte on Obama

attention spineless liberals!!!
for those of you that believe i'm too hard on president obama i found a video clip to corroborate my sentiments featuring a much more mature, thoughtful, & (perceived as) safer older black guy...Mr. Harry Belafonte

our lives are too precious & times are too volatile to surrender to the perceived safety of the center...fight back

Friday, December 24, 2010

Real Talk with Dr. Gabor Maté

randomly catching an interview with Dr. Maté back in the spring of 2010 totally changed my life. if it wasn't for the good doctor's insightful words i never would have began the introspective psilocybin based summer benders that helped me deal with all of the personal emotional turmoil that the past 2 years have introduced to my generally healthy psyche. beginning to independently dissect my own history has been unbelievably liberating & helpful. the general population being either thoughtful or mindless sheep are lost in the age of consumer capitalism. people need to engage some serious introspection to better understand the true mechanics of how we make decisions, the basis for the ways we interact with the outside world, why we mistreat ourselves & others.
perhaps working as a preschool teacher has colored my opinions on the way that we raise our children in the modern world...but it actually kinda seems to have just reinforced many of my previously held beliefs...(in fact one of the craziest things is the link between why i am crazy & work as a caregiver!)

Saturday, November 13, 2010

The New Jim Crow

both of the 2 parts of legal scholar, author, & seemingly all around lovely & thoughtful person Michelle Alexander's democracy now interview discussing how her book delves into the new age of legal institutional discrimination...aka america's new caste system [notice its caste not class...there is no escaping your caste]

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

SPLIT (The New International Co-Op Compilation)

so apparently i work so hard that i somehow forgot that this compilation was coming out! its a little something from my german friends over @ stigae music put together with 2 other netlabels [Another Chance Records from Espana & CUNTROLL based out of Russia].
in the spirit of workaholism i'm posting this link without having listened to any of the songs (except the 3 that are mine of course!),but i'm almost positive that my experimental european musical contemporaries can keep it groovin...

please feel encouraged to let me know if my assumption is correct