Friday, December 24, 2010

Real Talk with Dr. Gabor Maté

randomly catching an interview with Dr. Maté back in the spring of 2010 totally changed my life. if it wasn't for the good doctor's insightful words i never would have began the introspective psilocybin based summer benders that helped me deal with all of the personal emotional turmoil that the past 2 years have introduced to my generally healthy psyche. beginning to independently dissect my own history has been unbelievably liberating & helpful. the general population being either thoughtful or mindless sheep are lost in the age of consumer capitalism. people need to engage some serious introspection to better understand the true mechanics of how we make decisions, the basis for the ways we interact with the outside world, why we mistreat ourselves & others.
perhaps working as a preschool teacher has colored my opinions on the way that we raise our children in the modern world...but it actually kinda seems to have just reinforced many of my previously held beliefs...(in fact one of the craziest things is the link between why i am crazy & work as a caregiver!)

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