Wednesday, November 3, 2010

SPLIT (The New International Co-Op Compilation)

so apparently i work so hard that i somehow forgot that this compilation was coming out! its a little something from my german friends over @ stigae music put together with 2 other netlabels [Another Chance Records from Espana & CUNTROLL based out of Russia].
in the spirit of workaholism i'm posting this link without having listened to any of the songs (except the 3 that are mine of course!),but i'm almost positive that my experimental european musical contemporaries can keep it groovin...

please feel encouraged to let me know if my assumption is correct

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blackdaylight said...

here's a bit of info that may help you enjoy the SPLIT album:
this multi-netlabel compilation has 27 total track & the songs from stigae music [the label responsible for releasing 3 of my solo albums] do not begin until track 19!...its well worth the wait, or to be much more candid worth fast forwarding through the proceeding 18 tracks. *if you're looking for the blackdaylight songs the decision as i understand it was to "save the best for last" so the lava music doesn't flow until track 24...enjoy!