Saturday, June 5, 2010

Live from the Frontlines of the End of the World

this may be the most honest & insightful piece about bp gulf coast disaster that anyone has produced so far.

the 1st interview is with a member of the u.s. coast guard & its difficult to tell if he's just being candid because he's caught off guard by the questions or if he's simply naive. either way his honest explanations are welcome & definitely more than a bit upsetting.
the real meat of this piece is mr. dean blanchard, a resident of louisana's gulf coast & the owner of the largest shrimp business in the area. dean is incredibly knowledgeable & agonizingly honest. this man is hitting us with the realest of talk & he desperately deserves to be heard.
it always seems that every mainstream news outlet reports this story as some sort of semi-tragic novelty about bp's ineptitude at capping the oil well instead of seriously discussing the vast destruction & dealing with the fact that this is one of the greatest environmental catastrophes in human history.
comparable environmental destruction has occurred in the past, but those disasters only laid the groundwork of oceanic sickness that bp is turning into a plague.

clean energy now or there will literally be no tomorrow

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