Saturday, August 30, 2008

truth series

truth series…
the words may be leading, but [I still believe] the destination is always unique experience for each individual. Is the viewer more enraptured by the colors, words, positions & facial expressions of the subjects or are the vaguely familiar, amateur erotic models’ nudity & sensual appearances too much for them to get past?
If the viewer is familiar with a certain model does the new context the truth series places them in change the way the viewer feels about her?
Its interesting that I’m really not into using audio samples in my music, but feel so comfortable basing an entire series of visual pieces on found photographs [of women I have no real connection to].
Maybe I have just fallen into the classic group of artists that worship the female form. Maybe I just wanted to show a lil homage to Andy Warhol & my other street art influences? Maybe I just like chopping up pictures of naked girls?

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